CUSO Compliance Service Adds Three New Clients

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, announced recently that it had added three new credit union partners to its list of compliance monitoring clients during the past month.  The CUSO began providing support services for Northwest Consumers FCU (Traverse City, MI; $12.5M; 2K members), WV United FCU (Charleston, WV; $23M; 4,400 members) and NorthPark Community CU (Indianapolis, IN; $55M; 6,500 members) remotely from its Grand Rapids headquarters.  The credit unions each utilize the CU*BASE core data processing suite from CU*Answers, Inc. for their ongoing operations, as does the CUSO Audit Link team.

“We are excited that each of these credit unions has tapped us on the shoulder to help them manage their overall compliance adherence,” says Scott Collins, Xtend President.  “We have worked hard to develop a solution that credit unions of all sizes can utilize to help keep their arms around compliance, and these three new partners help reinforce that we have been successful doing that.  Each has engaged us to perform a different statement of work on a daily basis that complements their internal efforts, and each at a price point that makes sense for their business plan and budget.  One is a long time user of CU*BASE but needed our help due to increasing compliance-related demands, and the other two are new CU*BASE conversions that wanted to engage our experts right out of the gate to help ease their compliance monitoring burden.”

According to Collins, twenty-two credit unions in nine different states now utilize the CUSO compliance-related services on a daily basis.  He notes, “We provide daily support for a $600M shop, a $10M shop and twenty in between.  Regardless of size or complexity, we roll up our sleeves to help them keep their compliance expense in check without sacrificing the work that needs to get done each day.”