CUSO Announces e-Info Marketing Service

Xtend, Inc., a multi-owned cooperative CUSO headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced that is in the process of developing a new service called e-Info targeted for rollout during the first quarter of its fiscal year (October). e-Info will be a multi-faceted offering that will push credit union marketing content to home banking members as they navigate to their e-statements and is being developed in conjunction with the programming team from fellow CUSO CU*Answers, Inc.

According to Xtend President Scott Collins, the service will leverage the popularity and design of It’s Me 247, the core online banking solution from CU*Answers. Collins says, Since the creation of e-statements, marketers have been looking for ways to electronically emulate the experience of a member opening his or her statement and the collateral material included in the envelope. With e-Info we plan to offer our credit unions two different strategies designed to capture the members attention by pushing digital marketing information to them during the e-statement access process. The first is a strategy we call in your face, which is simply a full version of an e-newsletter or marketing piece presented to the member on their way to e-statements. The second we are calling teaser, which is exactly what it sounds like a snippet of information that entices the member to click through to the full marketing piece. Credit unions will be able to choose the strategy they believe will be most effective.

Xtend plans to be ready for deployment by the time December statements are prepared and is also planning to expand e-Info into other areas of the It’s Me 247 application during the 2010 campaign.

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