CUSO Announces 8th Annual Meeting

Xtend, Inc., a multi-owned cooperative CUSO, will host its eighth (8th) Annual Stockholders Meeting on June 22nd. The event will once again take place at its Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters.

According to Scott Collins, Xtend President, he and Board Chairman Brian Turmell, CEO of AAC Credit Union will host the meeting, which will take place during a series of collaboration and networking meetings for credit unions that are owners of the various companies that comprise the cuasterisk,com network (   As it has for the past several years, the meeting will culminate with a cross-enterprise networking reception.  Collins notes that he expects as many as three hundred (300) industry professionals to attend at least one of the networking events that will be available throughout the week.  “This is typically an exciting week for our owners and partners.  Not only do they have an opportunity to hear about the strategic and tactical efforts of Xtend and our partners, they also get to take advantage of a huge opportunity to network with their industry peers,” remarked Collins.

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