CU*BASE Upgrade Includes New Security Audit Reports

CU*Answers continues to provide its credit unions with features embedded within its core processing system, CU*BASE, to assist them in remaining compliant in a strict regulatory environment.  Some of the newest tools include two new Employee Security Audit Reports on the Auditing menu.

According to the CUSO, the addition of these reports as a menu option eliminates the need to design special queries to access the data in security files.  The first of the reports, the Employee Security Audit Report lists several different employee security settings, including: Profile and Special Security (update special security), Account Security (update account security), and Employee Menu Security (menu security).  The second option is a shorter Menu Security Audit Report, which includes a quick summary of menu option security, and lists each selected menu showing which employee has access to it.  This report is used for a quick review when doing audits on who has access to a particular menu and which options they have access to.

This enhancement will be available credit unions beginning November 15th.

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