CU*BASE Report Scheduler Takes Off

Since CU*Answers introduced its new Report Scheduler tool to the CU*BASE® core processing platform earlier this year, credit unions have configured nearly 700 system and custom reports that generate automatically at the beginning of every month, ready for employees to review when they come in to work in the morning.  This is an average of 8.2 reports per credit union and represents a significant time savings for credit union employees every month. 

“For such a new product, this is very exciting,” says Dawn Moore, CU*Answers VP of Writing Team/Product Design.  “When we initially designed this we asked credit unions for lists of reports they wanted to automate, and received an average of 5-10 report ideas from most CUs.  So it looks like most CUs just dove right in.”

As a data center that processes daily for more than 200 clients, CU*Answers also appreciates how the new tools streamline processing on what tends to be the busiest day of the month. Jeff Miller, Manager of Operations, says, “Report Scheduler has exceeded all our expectations so far. It frees up our system significantly when CUs need it most, since the Scheduler can work during off-peak hours. Reports that used to require nearly two hours of an Operator’s time can now be generated in less than 15 minutes. Our team is pretty geeked about it.”