CU*BASE Phone Operator and Inquiry Screens Receive Face Lift

CU*Answers has recently published the details of its 10.0 CU*BASE Software Upgrade, and with it comes a slew of changes to impact frequently-used Phone Operator and Inquiry Screens.

According to the CUSO, this release includes a huge revamp of several frequently used screens, which leverage the larger screen size changes made during the 2008-2009 GOLD upgrades.  Some of the updated features include:

  • Verify ID Button Indicator – The Verify My ID button now indicates whether the Photo ID checkbox is checked.  Regardless of the text and color, clicking this button will retrieve a photo ID if one is scanned.
  • Tiered Services are Clearer and More Prominent – The Tiered Service scoring has been moved up on the page to the area previously occupied by the Verify My ID button.
  • Graphical Representation of Gender Field – Credit union staff will now be able to instantly tell if this membership is an individual membership or an organizational account with the new graphical representations and associated colors.  The purple silhouette of a person’s head will appear for an individual membership (a girl for a female gender and a boy for a male gender); while three heads will indicate that the account is marked as an organizational membership.  If the field for the gender contains an O, meaning unknown, a question mark will appear in the middle of a red silhouette.
  • Member Name Now in Larger Font – The name is now larger and easier to read, and the DBA label, if available, remains below the member name and is in the standard font to create an easy separation of the two pieces of information.
  • Driver’s License Number Clearly Posted – The driver’s license is now posted in the left column just about the newly designed Verify My ID button and below the relocated mother’s maiden name.  This number is subject to Privacy controls so that part of the number may be masked.
  • Quick Access to AFT, ACH and Savings Deposit Box Screens – New blue Go! buttons above the AFT, ACH and BOX indicators give you quick access to Inquiry versions of the Automated Funds Transfer/Check Funds Transfer screen, the ACH Distribution screen, and the Safety Deposit Box screen.
  • Click for Procedures button – A new red Procedures button is now available in the upper left hand corner of the screen, which by selecting will take the user to the Procedures screen for the Membership Designation.

For more information on these changes, and other upgrades included in the 10.0 Release access,

Download Press Release