CU*BASE Deploys New Help System

The credit union data processing system, CU*BASE, is incorporating a new online help system termed “Show Me the Steps”.   According to CU*Answers, this feature is available with the 10.3 software release which became available to online processing credit unions October 17th.  Self-processing credit unions are scheduled for release enhancements in November.

According to the CUSO, the new help system is designed to be a companion to the existing CU*BASE online help, but covers the system more at a procedural level.  A table of contents organizes the directions by job description so staff members are easily able to find common functions for their related positions and duties, such as learning how to view a member’s ACH transactions and then checking out other member service functions.

CU*Answers continued to say that credit unions are able to submit procedural directions formed in their branches to be added to the new online help system.

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