CU*BASE Dashboards Making Big Splash!

CU*Answers said its CU*BASE system continues to expand upon its dashboard tools for how credit union CEO’s may instantly extract a variety of statistical data mining and graphics tools, intended to provide an instant view as to how their credit union is performing. CU*Answers stated that CU*BASE now incorporates over 65 “dashboards” to instantly display key data. They elaborated that these tools are designed to provide credit union leaders an instant window into their credit union’s day-to-day operations…tools that every credit union CEO should understand for gaining better grasp for how their credit union is operating.

They added that several of these popular dashboards include:

Displaying Member Preferences – such as Where Your Members Borrow, Where Your Members Shop, and Where Your Members Branch.

Displaying Member Activity – for tracking detailed Teller and Member Transaction Activity and Delivery Channel usage.

Internal Controls – such as reviewing Fee Income/ Waiver Analysis statistics, Statement Audit/ Statistical Inquiry system.

Statistical and graphical dashboards including New/ Closed/ Account Opening, Incoming/ Outgoing Money tracking and much more are included within the core CU*BASE system as standard features.