CU*BASE Branding Options Gaining Traction

CU*Answers announced that for credit unions utilizing its CU*BASE processing system, the capability to add custom graphics, or “branding” various CU*BASE screens by credit union staff – to a credit union’s preference is becoming a popular feature.

CU*Answers said clients are able to customize graphics to pre-targeted locations of select CU*BASE screens. They stated that several categories of screens available for incorporating this branding capability, including Lending, Member Services Collections and Management. They stated that this branding feature not only allows clients to customize these CU*BASE screens, but they may also add their credit union logo to all these screens as well.

CU*Answers stated that commonly used client screens include promoting to staff a special offering offered by the credit union, such as Holiday Skip-a Pay. CU*Answers said that regularly reminding internal staff of these promotions is another tool CU*BASE clients are utilizing as part of their overall cross sales efforts. They stated for clients having implemented this option, their internal staff are able to deliver a more consistent, streamlined message to membership while serving them.