CU*BASE Adds Reg. D Counter Warning

With the next set of software enhancements slated to be released to clients this month, CU*BASE users will now see a helpful message alerting member service staff when a phone transfer will exceed the number of transfers allowed by Reg. D requirements.

According to CU*Answers, this warning message will only appear when transactions are performed using the call center-style phone operator product, and not when done in teller processing.  The addition of expanded Transaction Origin Codes allows CU*BASE to differentiate the phone transfers that apply to Reg. D.

CU*Answers continued to say that a real-time counter has been added that will advance incrementally each time a phone transfer is made, and CU*BASE will display the count on the screen with each applicable transfer.  With this enhancement, CU*Answers has urged clients to review and possibly refine related policies for handling Reg. D warning messages and provide staff with any additional training as needed.

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