CU*Answers Web Services and CU*Answers AuditLink partner to launch PolicySwap

Have a policy? Leave a policy. Need a policy? Take a policy.

That’s the idea behind PolicySwapPolicySwap is a collaborative website where CU*Answers clients can share policies and procedures with each other. Not sure what your BSA policy needs to say? Browse here and select a policy from your peers. Each policy is reviewed by the CU*Answers team for quality, to ensure you are receiving the best possible value for your time.

PolcySwap is currently available for credit unions to sign up, try it out and report feedback.  Sharing your exam experience may also qualify you for CU*Answers’ CollabRebate program.

PolicySwap is built with WordPress by CU*Answers Web Services and managed by the AuditLink team.  The PolicySwap website is part of CU*Answers’ Cooperative Score Program.

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