CU*Answers Web Service is Flying to New Heights

Credit Unions soar with new controls!

CU*Answers Web Services team is taking its CUSO client base to new heights with new Web Hosting Platform capabilities. This platform allows credit union staff to personally administer select modifications and updates to their sites and manage their CU*Answers hosted e-mail addresses. Additionally, it provides a display of critical statistics via a comprehensive graphical web hosting control panel.

Plans are in the works for additional enhancements that will enable clients to even further control their own site building and content management. With these features, clients will be able to perform various updates and changes on the fly, without any lag time involved. Without a doubt, this new web hosting platform allows clients to exert greater site control, schedule changes as desired, and budget future costs more effectively.

Not only does CU*Answers create and maintain credit union web sites; it also has branched out to other credit union associated entities. NACUSO Executive Assistant Shauna Luna says “I highly recommend the CU*Answers Web Services team. They are knowledgeable and quick to respond when I have questions. Many times we have projects that come up at the last minute and their turn-around is usually within 1-2 business days. Typically, it gets addressed even the same day.”

“The Web Services team is in high demand from CU*Answers clients. From new site design, performing site updates and custom requests, to exploring new territory with Content Management Tools and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) content feeds; you don’t want to miss what’s happening here. Best of all, we are just getting started! Our clients and their members are savvier each day for what the value of having a truly interactive and effective web site can mean to drive new member opportunities” says Web Services manager David Damstra.

Some other recent projects completed by the Web Services team include:

  • Online Education Registration for CU*Answers University training classes.
  • Retailer Direct; allowing any retailer to present an electronic, secured loan application directly to a loan underwriters workstation and eliminate all re-keying. Retailer Direct also includes risk based pricing, auto-decisioning and forms print features.
  • A new partnership with Prime Alliance, providing a web-based Mortgage Application (and optional LOS system) solution delivered directly to a loan officer’s desktop.
  • An Xtend Financial Services CUSO Shared Branching web site that provides members a web map tool for locating every shared branch location.

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