CU*Answers Upgrade to Include It’s Me 247 Security Enhancements

CU*Answers will be releasing its 9.6 CU*BASE software upgrade February 14th for online credit unions.  With this release, the Grand Rapids-based CUSO is making significant security enhancements to its integrated online banking platform, It’s Me 247.

According to the CUSO, two major changes will be put in place to add an additional layer of security for member access to It’s Me 247.  These updates are in response to the recent audit CU*Answers underwent by the State of Michigan, which included a review of online banking access risk.  During this examination, it was clear that auditors are going to get stringent with online banking access security.

For credit unions that were not requiring that security questions be asked at login, It’s Me 247 will automatically require them with the 9.6 release.  The option to ask them has been removed from PIB (Personal Internet Branch) layered security and now is a standard automatic part of It’s Me 247 online banking.

Additionally, the minimum online banking password length has been expanded to six characters.  A new “Password Strength Meter” tool has been added to assist members when changing passwords to educate them as to the security level associated with the password they have entered.  Color coding and messaging help the member determine if the password is “too short” or “weak” (red), “good” (yellow), or “strong” (green).

This release also includes changes to protect sensitive member data on e-Notices, providing additional security for these electronic communications.  Members will see the message “Your Personal information is not displayed for enhanced privacy and security” where they would usually see their name and address, and X’s will mask the member’s account base but not the account suffix.

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