CU*Answers Rewards Employees for Living Healthy Lifestyles

We all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a choice that takes long term commitment.  CU*Answers is rewarding employees who choose to make this commitment through their Healthy Weight Program.  The Program provides encouragement to, not only lose weight for employees who have that goal, but also to maintain weight for employees who are already at their goal.

Employees have the choice to join the program and are given weight loss or weight maintenance goals based on their Body Mass Index (BMI.)  This measurement takes into account height and weight to determine a healthy weight range for participants.  Participants are measured each quarter and awarded points based on their accomplishments.  Participants can also earn additional points for starting and leading a program that promotes health, such as a running club, yoga meetings, or weight loss groups.  These points can then be saved up or turned in for various rewards such as iPods, workout gear, or other cool prizes.