CU*Answers Releases Gender Generator Tool

With the 10.0 CU*BASE Software Upgrade, CU*Answers clients will receive a new tool designed to assist them in updating memberships with an “unknown” gender designation.

According to CU*Answers, the Gender Generator effectively reduces the number of individual memberships without gender associated with them with an estimated 75% accuracy rate or better.  When the new tool is run, it quickly and efficiently brings a membership database up to date by comparing with a list of over 11,000 names.  For those names that are gender ambiguous (“Chris”, or “Pat”, for example), credit unions can decide with what gender to flood the memberships – or leave them unchanged.  Once the Generator is run, credit union staff can then work the membership as needed with the accompanying reports that are created with the use of the tool.

The CUSO continues to say that updating gender designations will be useful when relying on Relationship Analysis and other fingertip data mining tools that reside in the ‘Know Your Member” Menu.

For more information on this tool and other new features that come with the CU*BASE 10.0 Software Release, access:

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