CU*Answers Redesigns Loan Application Screens

CU*Answers, a 100% credit union owned CUSO, announced that it has greatly improved the functionality and look of the Loan Application process on its core data processing platform, CU*BASE®.  The new lending enhancements allow credit unions to pull a specific trade line on a credit bureau report with a handy pop-up window on the core application.

There are also several improved features that allow a loan officer to, at a glance, determine what kind of debt is currently displayed on the screen.  Whether the debt is a mortgage, rent, credit card, or car loan, CU*BASE will now graphically notify a loan officer what kind of debt they are currently reviewing.

CU*Answers stated that these new lending features were only a couple of examples of new software that was recently released to its 200+ clients.  The CUSO went on to say that it was happy all of the software updates were provided at no cost to clients.