CU*Answers Professionals on the Move

CU*Answers is happy to announce some exciting changes for some key members of our team:

GEOFF JOHNSON, currently VP of Lending Products, has been named the new Executive Vice President of Client Interactions. Geoff will continue to lead the effort on Lender*VP as well as assuming the additional duties of leading the way for CU*Answers Management Services. As EVP of Client Interactions, Geoff will coordinate the efforts of CMS as a professional services firm and coordinate all of the client service teams throughout CU*Answers.

JIM VILKER, currently manager, has been named Vice President of Professional Services and will lead the effort on Audit Link and

BARB COOPER will be moving from her current position as Vice President of Client Services to a new position as Vice President of Professional Services, leading the effort on Gividends. Both Jim and Barb will work closely with Geoff as part of CMS.

PAULINE VANZALEN, currently Client Services Assistant Manager, has been named the new Manager of Application Client Services.

Please join us in congratulating these dedicated professionals as they take on the next set of challenges in their careers with CU*Answers!

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