CU*Answers Prepares its Credit Unions for Year End

That time of year is fast approaching and CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned core data processor, is preparing its credit union clients for year end. The CUSO recently announced that it had completed its annual Year-End Processing Guides, and would be distributing it to its clients in October. The guides are available online, but a hard copy will also be sent to each credit union for free.

CU*Answers added that the annual guide includes updates from the previous years, and not only assists credit unions with instructions for year-end processes, but also provides them with a handy calendar of events to help keep the credit union on track. Additionally, the CUSO hosts year-end training sessions via web conference to help answer any questions credit unions may have. CU*Answers indicated that this annual commitment is just one of many ways in which they are providing their credit unions with the assistance they need to make these tasks easier and less time consuming.