CU*Answers Offers Online Credit Card Suite

CU*Answers, a core processing CUSO, offers an online Credit Card product that provides full card processing with credit card servicing and income features delivered by the teller line, call centers, online banking, and all member contact points. Features like 999 balance buckets per card, rate management, and promotional offerings give credit unions the variable they are missing in creating credit card products close to home.

In addition there are flexible configuration options for designing credit card products tailored to each credit union membership. Credit unions can offer one credit card program or several, based on unique processing features they choose.

Most importantly, it is not a module, and therefore has no large up-front module pricing – the tools are included in the standard package. This means all inquiry and transaction functions are available from one source. Servicing of the credit card is handled by the credit union staff.

Credit Card Statements (with required payment coupons) are compliant and can be combined with the member account statements to save on postage.

Design your program, set up the parameters and “flip the switch” to extend credit union loans via credit card authorizations.

The CU*BASE Online Credit Cards system is an investment by the CU*Answers CUSO so that more credit unions can afford to offer this valuable member service.