CU*Answers Offers New Loan Concentration Analysis Feature!

CU*Answers, the West Michigan-based CUSO, just announced that included as part of its newest CU*BASE upgrade is the ability for credit unions to view their credit union’s Outstanding Loan Recap, including a new, graphical Loan Concentration Analysis Dashboard tool.  

They said credit union leaders will appreciate the simple design of this dashboard that summarizes and lists all members according to outstanding loan balance. They emphasized that this tool provides a one-stop shop for viewing all lending relationships with any member. Data provided includes details such as loan balances (with related accounts which the member co-signs), contingent liability, credit score, collateral information, service income, and more.

They further described this Dashboard allows clients to analyze a member’s lending relationship via six different analyses, providing a detailed breakdown of the member’s credit scores, contingent liability details, delinquency information, etc. Managers are also provided the ability to filter loans to view only the credit union owned or another investor owned portion of a loan and service related income. Clients are then able to drill down further, listing the 12 credit scores (including graphing) of an individual member.

CU*Answers stated this newest Dashboard Analysis represents the next generation of several dozens of Dashboard Analysis and Statistical Graphing tools already embedded within its CU*BASE processing system, and provided free to clients.