CU*Answers Offers New Contact the BOD Feature

In efforts to support CU*Answers’ philosophy of ensuring open communication between the board and all CU*BASE clients, the CUSO is unveiling a new feature aptly termed “Contact the Board of Directors.”

According to the Grand Rapids-based company, the Board of Directors’ primary function is to plan the course for CU*Answers and to ensure that CU*Answers maintains its sounds financial condition.  This new communication tool will allow clients to have a more direct way to discuss the direction for the CUSO, and gain education about key initiatives and progress of the Leadership towards meeting goals and objectives.

Contact the Board will be available via the CU*Answers website ( where users will fill out a form that gets sent to the BOD in the form of an email message, facilitating two-way communication.  CU*Answers said that it plans to launch this feature on October 17th, which is the same day as the release of its next CU*BASE software release (10.3).

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