CU*Answers Offers Free BOD Financial Literacy Series

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned CUSO, announced that its free Financial Literacy Series for Board of Directors, available online or DVD, has become a very popular tool for helping credit unions better educate their Board of Directors on a variety of financial components relating to their service at the credit union.

The videos, intended for credit unions of any size, are straightforward and easy to follow. CU*Answers said it began developing the series as they saw the need for improved dialogue between Board Members and their credit union teams.

CU*Answers emphasized that compared with other offerings, this Financial Literacy Series has been professionally developed by CU*Answers and is provided free to any credit union wishing to utilize this tool for its Board of Directors. It stated that the entire series of video courses is available to any credit union, whether a CU*Answers client or not, and may be accessed directly from the CU*Answers website .  Free printable tests, answer keys, and completion certificates are available as well.

The series of twelve videos, each ranging in length from two to nine minutes, includes a variety of experts providing a wealth of information for any Board of Directors to utilize. They added that each class included three sections, starting with a presentation by its panel of experts, followed by a summary of the terms or ideas presented within each presentation, and concludes with a short knowledge test with answers provided. It said that in addition to being an open book style of test, it is short enough to be easily incorporated during a credit union’s regular Board meetings.

CU*Answers concluded by saying on average, a volunteer Board of Director spends less than 40 hours a year as a Board Member, so each hour is precious. As a cooperative CUSO, they said the decision was simple: without confident and dedicated volunteers, the entire industry suffers, and risks extinction.