CU*Answers Offers Fee Income/Waiver Analysis Tool

West Michigan-based CUSO, known for providing its flagship data processing system, CU*BASE, announces a new analysis tool that allows month to month service income comparisons, making it easier to decision on “when to change” versus “when not to change.”

Over the years CU*BASE has added more and more automated fee processes that take full advantage of its relationship management processes, such as Tiered Services and Marketing clubs. This special CEO analysis screen has been designed to streamline the understanding of our fee earning trends. What income is possible? How often are members selecting these services? How many fees are being waived? How does this vary month to month? The Fee Income/Waiver analysis answers all of these questions, and provides a centralized viewing to analyze your month-to-month member services fee income, along with data on the frequency of your opportunities to earn. With the “dashboard view” credit unions can view trends across all members to see how their activity plays out in fee income for the credit union.

According to CU*Answers, the idea to provide an automated fee analysis came directly from the CEO Strategies meetings in 2007 and 2008. This is one example of the successes that result from the annual event held by the CUSO, where credit union leaders are challenged to use collaboration as the driver in execution, and as the key factor in meeting members’ needs.

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