CU*Answers Offers CU*BASE Marketing Clubs

CU*Answers, a CUSO headquartered out of West Michigan, and known for its flagship core data processing system offers a unique way to manage a group of members who share a bond beyond that which brought them to the credit union in the first place. These groups of members with shared interest and motivations can be handled by forming a “club”. The term “club” implies some common link and special status beyond that of the entire membership. Generally it requires administration through mailings, raising funds through fees, and of course encouraging the member’s participation through a set of rewards. The CU*BASE Marketing Club feature was designed to manage these styles of clubs.

For example, to target young members, a “Youth Club” might be established that carries a low annual fee but waives normal activity fees and minimum balances. Marketing efforts targeted toward young people can easily be directed to all members of the club. Membership in the club saves money for the member and can encourage young people to establish a habit of saving and handling their financial business through the credit union.

Like the CU*BASE Tiered Service Levels feature, which automatically grants rewards based on member activity, the Marketing Club is designed to reward desirable behavior. However, Marketing Clubs are promoted differently because they require that a member join and possibly even pay dues. In exchange for dues, the members receive special benefits for belonging to the club including fee waivers, and special rate benefits.

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