CU*Answers Offers Compliance Training Event

Key credit union leaders and managers of credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE core data processing system have been invited to attend an education course on November 20th, 2009 – Managing Compliance: Preparing for Audits and Examinations.

This class is designed to teach credit union supervisory personnel the various tools used by CU*BASE to prepare for audits and examinations.  According to the CUSO, often the results of an audit or examination contact come down to how well the credit union can communicate their controls, management concepts, and the results of their activity.  CU*Answers has a full-time Compliance Officer with experience as both a credit professional and state examiner. This class will focus not only on audit preparation but on managing the application of data processing-related compliance issues, with CU*Answers as a partner.

Other objectives for discussion include exploring the credit union’s role in waving the regulation “red flag”, reviewing the reports CU*BASE generates used for ALM decision making, and investigating the information required in basic ALM Models.

This class is offered via web conference and registration for this course is required at least 2 days in advance, which can be done at

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