CU*Answers Newsletter Features Call Report Documentation

CU*Answers’ documentation “Tricks of the Trade” newsletter sent to clients this month highlighted the extensive documentation on the 5300 Call Report software built right into CU*Answers’ core processing software CU*BASE®.  “With the quarterly reports due, we felt it was timely to use or twelfth issue to feature our 5300 Call Report documentation,” said Alycia Meyers, Documentation Writer at CU*Answers.

The CU*Answers newsletter covered documentation on CU*BASE automated processes to collect 5300 Call Report data in CU*BASE and upload it directly to the NCUA.  It also highlighted two online help systems with information on both the individual Account Codes and an analytics dashboard for 5300 Call Report ratios.

“I am very proud of CU*Answers commitment to providing extensive documentation resources to its clients,” Meyers said.  “The Tricks of the Trade newsletter is designed to highlight our top picks for the month.”  The entire series can be accessed on the CU*Answers website: