CU*Answers Network Services Named Top Finalist in ScalePad’s Digital Maturity Index for 2022

CU*Answers Network Services is pleased to announce that it was named a finalist in the 2022 ScalePad Top Digital Maturity Index, which per ScalePad is a “dynamic score recalculated daily and objectively benchmarks your clients’ IT environments against key productivity and risk factors. Clients with a high score have a great technology experience, leading to your team having a great experience and working relationship with them.” ScalePad is a supplier of hardware warranty tracking software for managed services providers and is part of the CNS managed services toolkit. Award information can be found at

“Frankly we were surprised and pleased with making the finalist list,” explains Dave Wordhouse, EVP of Technology at CU*Answers. “We don’t want to focus too much on individual management tools, because our value is in the expertise we bring to the table in helping our clients derive maximum value and effectiveness from tech investments, not in the tools we use to deliver our services. But it’s nice to be recognized for those efforts.”

Network Services provides one-stop full-service network management and IT solutions under the Complete Care brand. For more information on Network Services Complete Care network management services, please visit the CU*Answers website or contact Matt Sawtell.