CU*Answers Introduces CU*BASE® SE with CU Mortgage Direct, LLC

CU*Answers announced today that it recently released CU*BASE® SE (Servicer Edition), a new full-featured core processing suite targeted at vendors and CUSOs that service specialized member products for credit unions across multiple core processing environments. CU*Answers is partnering with Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union, Sioux Falls, SD, to unveil CU*BASE® SE for their mortgage CUSO – CU Mortgage Direct, LLC (CUMD).

Says Randy Karnes, CU*Answers CEO, “CUSOs are everywhere today, servicing mortgages, business loans, credit card portfolios, even investments. They’ve done a great job at manufacturing process, markets, and aggregate groups of credit unions.  But far too often they are only the customers of third-party software solutions, and have not gotten into developing direct solutions that could support their CUSO for years to come. We hope to partner with CUMD and these kinds of CUSOs in developing new technologies and evolving some of the solutions used in our network today.”

Jeff Jorgensen, CEO of Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union, says “partnering with CU*Answers on this first rollout of CU*BASE SE was an easy decision to make. We have a long history of collaborating together and building better mousetraps. Each endeavor has proven successful in bringing new services to our members.”

CU*Answers also said that CU*BASE SE will launch with solutions targeted at servicing mortgages and credit card accounts.  CU*BASE SE will include back office core processing for the CUSO staff, as well as web-based solutions—including online banking and mobile web banking—provided directly to members.

“For a CUSO to be successful, it needs to be more than just a one-trick pony when it comes to driving member activity,” says Karnes.  “It needs a servicing solution that can reach every channel, that includes direct marketing outreach to members, and that has a full set of technology solutions that can build a network of its credit union customers.  We have these products, and we plan to share these solutions with the CUSO community.”

Karnes promised that CU*BASE SE would be more than just a product, hinting that a new CUSO is in the works that would allow servicing CUSOs to be partners as well as customers.