CU*Answers Improves Automated Handing of Wrong Email Addresses

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned CUSO, is proud to announce a new automation feature for the handling of wrong emails in the core processing platform, CU*BASE®. With this new process, invalid email addresses are collected by the system throughout the day. During beginning-of-day processing, CU*BASE marks each erroneous email address as a wrong email address and records the update in a tracker—a permanent account comment.

Currently, unless a credit union uses Xtend (a CU*Answers network partner) to handle the invalid email address, it’s a time consuming process to keep them up to date. With this new CU*BASE feature, emails sent via CU*BASE—such as those sent via Member Reach, e-Statement reminders, and e‑Alerts—will mark the account making it easier for credit union staff to identify and follow up on.

This is a huge time saver for credit union staff, but is also an important piece of programming for the CU*Answers network. The wrong email management will significantly decrease the number of “fatal” emails CU*Answers sends and will improve their success with sending emails directly to credit union members.  This new process will save the credit union employees’ time and free them up to perform other important duties.