CU*Answers Hits 100 Owners!

CU*Answers, a 100% credit union-owned CUSO, announced that (8) additional credit unions had recently purchased stock to become CU*Answers Class A Stock Owners.  CU*Answers said that with these most recent investors, it had now reached a record 101 credit union Owners.

Scott Page, CU*Answers EVP said, “the recent wave of credit union’s opting to invest in CU*Answers Ownership Stock is unprecedented. It speaks volumes for credit unions desiring to participate with their core processor in a unique, refreshing model. CU*Answers owners share in the CUSO’s on-going success in multiple ways, such as receiving a financial return on their data processing invoice, having a direct say in its future direction by being able to be nominated and or vote for the CU*Answers Board of Directors and much more.”

Page added that credit union’s utilizing its CU*BASE processing system are eligible to become CU*Answers Stock Owners, and that every Owner is provided an equal vote. He concluded by stating that it is optional for a CU*BASE client to become a CU*Answers owner, but that every CU*BASE client is actively encouraged to participate directly in working hand-in-hand with other CUSO peers in developing new software solutions.