CU*Answers helps Credit Unions “Just Turn it On!”

At their Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 20, 2012, CU*Answers announced a new service to help credit unions get projects accomplished that they just can’t seem to find the time or expertise to get off the ground. Through their “Just Turn It On!” program, CU*Answers will act for the credit union to help them accomplish lingering initiatives. For example, if a credit union wanted to leverage eDocuments but didn’t have the resources or weren’t sure where or how to start, CU*Answers will send in the experts to “just turn it on” for them. It’s a service to provide micro project management for implementing a feature, function or process.

“The concept is simple,” says John Beauchamp eDocument Strategist at CU*Answers, “We do these tasks on a daily basis. Subsequently, we become accomplished at performing them and know just what to do to ensure a successful launch of the product or process. It’s about the credit union giving us a date they want it done by and a little room to work and about us getting it done for them.”

So far this service has been well received with several credit unions engaging for the service already. Typical engagements can include implementing an eDocument Strategy or turning on functions or features in side CU*BASE CU*Answers core processing system like “Save the Change” a debit card round up program.