CU*Answers Enhances It’s Me 247 Online Banking Security

As part of CU*Answers’ ongoing commitment to keeping member information secure, the CUSO applied a configuration change to strengthen member security for It’s Me 247.  This change will ensure member browsers always use the strongest encryption methods possible when connecting with online banking.

According to the CUSO, this security enhancement means that the It’s Me 247 website will now actively refuse any connections attempting to use SSL encryption strength less than 128 bits.  Prior to this change, it would have allowed a browser to connect  at a lower encryption level and then in the background automatically negotiate the encryption up to 128 bits or stronger.

Credit union members will most likely not notice a change however, if a member reports having problems connecting with online banking, it may be they are using a very old (pre-Internet Explorer 6.0) web browser that cannot support at least 128 bit encryption.  In this case, the member would need to upgrade their browser.

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