CU*Answers Encourages Credit Unions to Go Viral

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned CUSO, recently encouraged credit unions to “Take Your Business Plan Viral.” The cooperative CUSO released a new video in cooperation with Fulvew Productions that stresses the value of credit unions, but relates to the viewer how sometimes that value is lost to the members. As such, CU*Answers is challenging its credit unions to place their business plan online for their members to see, and to rekindle the passion of the member-owner.

Randy Karnes, CEO, said “It’s not easy to translate all of the core philosophies and ethics of our industry into the way consumers think today, especially when it is just second nature to all of us. To the marketplace, when we say ‘member’ or ‘belong’ or even ‘people helping people,’ they’re just words. But as cooperatives, we are relevant; we are timely; we are timeless.”

The CUSO added that this video and a collection of other videos that any credit union can use could be viewed on its CUATV website: