CU*Answers Debuts ‘Exercises for Success’ Series

West Michigan based data processing CUSO, CU*Answers, recently announced it has debuted an educational series focused on the continuing education for clients using the core data processing platform; CU*BASE.  The workbook series, named Exercises for Success, is divided into easy to learn sections. The toolset will allow a credit union employee to not only train in a live credit union environment, but will guide learners in selecting the appropriate steps to complete specific tasks on CU*BASE.  The Exercises for Success series is a way for learners to assess what they know well and what areas they may need to note for further training.

CU*Answers stated it is constantly offering new/free education series for its clients to take advantage of.  The data processor went on to say that it believes having the tools available 24/7 at the credit union’s fingertips gives learners the ability to create a flexible education schedule.