CU*Answers Data Mining Tools Helps You Determine Where Your Members Borrow

CU*Answers flagship data processing system includes The Where Your Members Borrow tool, which allows credit unions to summarize what their members and co-borrowers are telling you through credit reports stored on the CU*BASE system.

With the push of a button, credit unions can have the system rank competitor financial institutions that are also doing business with their members (and co-borrowers). The system will not only tell the member’s or co-borrower’s name, it will tell the original amount borrowed, estimated rate, contact information, and credit scores as of the time the credit report was pulled. Different sort features allow the order in which data is sorted to be changed alphabetically, by credit financial institution name or loan type.

Database files can be created from these lists, and then utilized by the Member Connect marketing feature, which will transmit targeted marketing messages five different ways.

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