CU*Answers Creates Executive Study Groups Website

CU*Answers, the Michigan-based cooperative CUSO, recently announced the debut of their Executive Study Groups website. The site, found at, coincides with the weekly Dashboard Dives web conferences that are facilitated by CEO, Randy Karnes. Credit unions are able to blog with each other on questions they may have about content related to the Dashboard Dives sessions, and also to communicate success stories using the data that they have available to them through CU*BASE®.

The focus of the website and the web conferences is to promote the grasp of data that is available at the fingertips of credit union executives today. By working with other credit union executives and learning how CEO Randy Karnes may use the information if he were a credit union CEO are just some advantages to attending the weekly Dashboard Dive web conferences. The sessions have averaged over 60 participants from throughout the network community and will continue into 2013 with repeat sessions scheduled to occur later in 2013.