CU*Answers Clients Celebrate Collaborative Marketing Success with a 161% Increase in E-Statement Enrollments!

CU*Answers recently announced the completion of another very successful Collaborative Marketing campaign. This most recent CU*Answers sponsored campaign was aimed at promoting e-Statements for clients utilizing its CU*BASE processing system. As part of this collaborative event, clients could purchase marketing materials, such as 4-color statement inserts and lobby posters and, at considerably discounted prices as compared to purchasing these materials on their own. To encourage members to enroll for e-Statements, CU*Answers awarded a Nintendo™ Wii® to a randomly selected credit union member who enrolled for e- Statements during this collaborative marketing event.

After tallying the results from 56 participating credit unions, it was apparent that the contest was a big success! CU*Answers stated that 10,249 members signed up for e-statements in the 2- month period for which the contest ran. They said this represented a 161% increase in e- Statement enrollments as compared to the 2-month period prior to the contest.

CU*Answers also said these members who signed up for e-Statements will save their credit unions over $51,000 in postage and $20,000 in envelope and handling costs annually.

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