CU*Answers AnswerBook Provides Multiple Uses

CU*Answers recently announced it has been using the AnswerBook as a secure form of communication with credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE processing system for several years. They said AnswerBook not only provides clients with a wealth of instant, online information as pertaining to questions they may have for utilizing CU*BASE, but is also utilized as a primary tool for sharing protected information, tracking client questions received, helping identify new topics to add and even identifying client training needs.

CU*Answers added that AnswerBook represents a key component to tracking Client Service Support questions received. It said every time a client places a call into Client Services, the Client Services team fully documents that conversation by including the question and answer for follow-up inquiry within AnswerBook . They added this is done for variety of reasons; the primary reason being so that CU*Answers can easily monitor open incidents and provide clients with the fastest response possible.

CU*Answers explained that a client profile is created, which not only provides the ability to securely communicate with Client Services, but also creates an electronic path to monitor past and present questions a client may have had. CU*Answers said its clients may even ask a question directly through AnswerBook, in the event they don’t have time to make a call. CU*Answers said it responds to client inquiries made through AnswerBook by sending an email response notification back to the client, and providing a link to view their answer directly through a secured page.