CU*Answers Announces Release of New Peer Analysis

CU*Answers is getting ready to release its annual CU*BASE Peer Analysis.  The Peer Analysis has proven to be a valuable tool for developing the potential of existing and new credit union partnerships and making the most from credit unions’ investment in CU*Answers.

According to the CUSO, this booklet contains a cross-reference of some key CU*BASE features and services, showing whether or not they are being used by other credit union partners.  The Peer Analysis is organized by credit union member size, so you can easily compare a credit union’s usage of CU*BASE features with other credit unions of similar size.  CU*Answers advises that a regular review of the Peer Analysis categories will help remind credit union CEOs of CU*BASE features they may have been waiting to implement, and possibly give the motivation to start.

New items added for the 2010 Peer Analysis include:

  • 5300 Call Report Tools
  • Due Diligence Monitoring Flag
  • Privacy 2010 Controls
  • Dividend Donations
  • Red Flag Address Warning
  • Tiered Service Analysis Tool

And much more!

Download the PDF