CU*Answers Announces New Training Tool

CU*Answers recently announced it had released its first Exercises for Success workbook for credit unions utilizing its CU*BASE processing system.

In making the announcement, CU*Answers said this workbook series is designed to provide credit union employees practice exercises for use within its Bedrock Credit Union online learning tool.

It stated that each workbook would include four sections, including providing online resources and suggested data resources for learners to successfully complete a series of exercises. It said the main section of each workbook would consist of various exercises, which focus upon a specific CU*BASE activity. It said the tool would also provide scenarios to allow a person to master the material, as well as a following ‘Test What You’ve Just Learned’ section including questions for review.

CU*Answers said each Exercise for Success offering would conclude with a final ‘Check Your Knowledge’ section, providing users the ability to review what they have learned and to note which areas need further review. In announcing the program, CU*Answers said its first two programs provided would focus upon CU*BASE Member Services and Tellering processes.