CU*Answers Announces New Online Banking System

It’s Me 247 gets personal!

CU*Answers makes a quantum leap to next level of online banking with its recent release of It’s Me 247 online banking system. This unique name correlates directly to the premise that online banking is a critical component for how today’s member expects to see themselves reflected in their credit union and their desired manner for transacting business. Several personalization options of It’s Me 247 allow members to access their accounts, their way when they visit the credit union online.

Along with the traditional online banking options, It’s Me 247 includes built-in personalization features that allow members to customize their individual online banking experience. For instance, members may choose themes, page styles, and color schemes. They can select the pictures that will appear from a collection of albums and even receive e-alerts for events such as account balances above or below a specified amount, ACH deposits and/or withdrawals, a loan payment coming due within a specified # of days or that a notice has been mailed.

It’s Me 247 features a battery of security features that are controlled according to each member’s preference via their Personal Internet Branch (PIB) profile. PIB is a layered security option that works in tandem with security features embedded within It’s Me 247. PIB allows members to assume only the risks they are comfortable with and provides additional security layers for selected transactions. Members can setup their PIB profile for where and when transactions may be performed on their account. They may select what day of the week and time of day their “branch” is open and from what geographic location transactions are allowed.

Randy Karnes, CEO of CU*Answers says “From the moment we started envisioning the next generation of online services at CU*Answers we started to push more than just the nuts and bolts related to providing credit unions an online transaction banking site. We wanted to extend a sense of respect for the individual, a commitment to know the member, and to really embrace the best of what the self-service culture expected by member/consumers could offer. For us it is simple — work hard to create an environment where the member sees their reflection when interacting with their credit union. An institution built in their image, and an experience crafted to and by their requirements, even to the point where they become the internet branch manager.”

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