CU*Answers Announces New Demo Guide

CU*Answers recently announced the completion of its most recent iteration of the popular CU*BASE Demo Guide. This guide is intended to assist both perspective clients considering CU*BASE become more familiar with favorite CU*BASE features, and also for existing CU*BASE clients desiring to learn more of the CU*BASE processing features available. It also serves as a handy reference tool for both newly hired and existing CU*Answers staff who desire a brief review of the many automated workflow components and uses of various features provided within the CU*BASE system.

CU*Answers said that this document is not intended to take place of the considerable amount of reference and documentation materials available to anyone interested in learning more about the CU*BASE system, but rather to be used as a “quick hitting” reference guide for providing an immediate update.

CU*Answers added the two major areas of focus for this CU*BASE Demo Guide includes:

  1. Presentation Workflow – providing a framework for introducing CU”*BASE to non-users of the system in a manner that highlights practical application and utilization.
  2. Explanation of Feature Benefits – describing not only the technical use for a specific toolset, but also including verbiage that can aid a perspective client (or new CU*Answers staff) in better understanding how these tools relate to direct operational needs and the benefits they provide.

CU*Answers concluded that the Demo Guide is designed to assist users of any experience level – whether being new to CU*BASE or an experienced Pro. It also stated that the Guide is provided gratis to any CU*BASE client and is regularly updated to include the most recent CU*BASE system enhancements.