CU*Answers Announces Enhancements to Cross Sales System

CU*Answers, a data processing CUSO headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, has recently announced a series of enhancements to its Cross-Sales/Relationship Management system with its 9.2 software release.

According to the CUSO, they have added new features to Tracker configuration, and also developed some new tools to make it easier for credit unions to clean up Tracker records and manage them more effectively going forward. Additionally, it has been made easier for front-line staff to assist collections and sales teams in their efforts by providing an optional new button that will appear in Teller, Inquiry and Phone Operator only if the member has outstanding follow-ups that should be checked while working with the member.

Tracker Type configuration now has a number of new options for credit unions to control exactly how Trackers are used, including the ability to limit the number of Tracker records (not conversation notes) each members can have. New features on the Tracker Configuration menu include:

  • Allow trackers to be copied from one membership to another
  • Allow conversations to be moved from one tracker to another
  • Allow trackers to be purged
  • Allow multiple trackers of this type per membership
  • Alert employees of outstanding follow-ups
  • Allow collection card trackers to be duplicated on co-signor

The CUSO suggests viewing demo videos to be posted on to see each of these features in action.

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