CU*Answers Announces Encrypted Sessions

CU*Answers, a 100% credit union owned CUSO, today announced general availability of end-to-end PC-to-host session encryption which protects all network interactions between the credit union’s PC workstations and the host computers at CU*Answers’ data centers. The technology uses industry standard SSL encryption which makes data unreadable to any attacker that may be able to capture the data transmission. CU*Answers has used similar encryption technology for connections to credit unions from its data centers for five years now, however, this technology additionally will protect sessions inside the credit union local area network.

“CU*Answers now has incredibly strong, layered data encryption technology for sessions connected to our host computers, whether at our production facility or the high availability data center,” explains Nathan Loding, Manager of Client Support and Operations. “Session data is encrypted from the moment it leaves the PC at the credit union branch to the moment it arrives at our host computer. On top of that, it’s encrypted again whenever it rides one of our MPLS or VPN connections to CU*Answers.”

“This is a simple way for credit union managers to get that peace of mind about data security over their own internal networks they might not have had previously,” says David Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies.

Session encryption is available at no charge to clients of CU*Answers and can be implemented with the assistance of CU*Answers Network Services or self-implemented with full step-by-step instructions available online. There are minimum system requirements, one of which is Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. More information is available at