CU*Answers Announces CU*BASE® 12.3 Upgrade

West Michigan-based data processing CUSO, CU*Answers, announced that all online data processing clients will receive the new 12.3 software upgrade for its flagship data processing software, CU*BASE on December 9, 2012. CU*Answers stated the 12.3 software upgrade was considered a monthly update, released one month after the 12.2 major software enhancement.

The new software upgrade will deliver product enhancements for Auditing, Accounting, and EFT transactions. This is the final CU*BASE software upgrade for the 2012 calendar year. In 2012, CU*Answers deployed six new software upgrades to the CU*BASE processing solution.

CU*Answers went on to say they are proud to announce the new CU*BASE software upgrades are provided at no cost to CU*Answers clients.