CU*Answers Announces Collections Roundtable

CU*Answers announced that its next Collections Roundtable Session will take place at its Grand Rapids headquarters on May 22nd. CU*Answers said its Collection Roundtable represents an active group of clients utilizing its CU*BASE® processing system who regularly meet with a variety of CU*Answers Collections experts to review various CU*BASE features and industry topics of interest.  

They said that clients will be able to choose from two separate sessions, and are able take advantage of these sessions to interact directly with peers, learn new Collections techniques, and discuss the on-going impact of regulations.

The Collections Roundtable is designed to provide an open forum discussion for reviewing a variety of issues, including collections laws, internal procedures and CU*BASE processes. CU*Answers added that its internal team has over 66 years of collection experience, and has worked directly in the consumer collection industry for both credit unions as well as other financial institutions. They said their experts’ responsibilities include a broad range of expertise as general collectors, repossession, legal, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and asset disposition all the way through department heads.

CU*Answers concluded by stating this Collections Roundtable represents an on-going client Focus Group strategy for clients to have a direct, meaningful voice by participating directly with CU*Answers development team leaders in the on-going development of the CU*BASE system.