CU*Answers and North Star Connections, Inc. Partner

CU*BASE Clients will save money; order forms easily online and not worry about budget fluctuations.

CU*Answers is pleased to announce the addition of North Star Connections, Inc. as a new CU*Answers Business Partner for providing required non-compliance forms. These forms include, but are not limited to receipt stock, checks and money order stock, envelopes, as well as ink and toner product requirements for CU*BASE clients.
North Star Connections, Inc. currently provides products to 70+ Credit Unions and has developed a custom on-line ordering process designed for more quickly delivering product to its clients, combined with aggressive cost savings. For instance, North Star Connections’ clients average an annual cost savings of 19% for identical forms from previous providers.

CU*BASE clients will benefit in several ways:

  • North Star Connections, Inc. has developed alliances with top form and supply vendors nationally. Because many credit unions utilize similar forms, the “CU $ave” Program has been developed by North Star Connections to combine multiple client volumes to promote greater client savings. The North Star philosophy of “Connected We Are Stronger than Individually” is similar to CU*Answers for working with vendors to leverage maximum client savings.
  • Another benefit of the “CU $ave” Program is the elimination of pre-paid expense amortization and monthly budget fluctuations. This is accomplished by projecting annual client usage requirements and dividing this total by 12 months to arrive at a constant monthly billing amount. A complete reconciliation is then prepared by product
  • Clients will be able to immediately order products using a direct on-line business partner link provided through the CU*BASE system, allowing clients to ship to any branch location or statement processor (e.g. envelopes) desired.

Scott Page, EVP of CU*Answers says “We applaud the positive and enthusiastic approach that North Star Connections, Inc. is taking to promote their products to CU*BASE clients. They have worked hard to become a solid CU*Answers business partner and we are excited at the opportunities this relationship offers to CU*BASE clients.”