CU*Answers and Member Next Suggested Product

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned core data processor, announced that credit unions utilizing its CU*BASE® processing system can take advantage of a full-feature sales system that includes cross sales, sales tracking, and leads generation for no additional fee.

They added that as part of a recent software release, the system has been enhanced to include a “Next Suggested Product” offering designed to provide intuitive reminders to staff about products and services the credit wishes to promote more aggressively. Member relationship tools and dashboards throughout the system can be used in concert with the Next Suggested Product feature to automatically create targeted sales campaigns, instead of blanket marketing. CU*Answers said that once activated, credit union staff will be notified if a member immediately qualifies while assisting that member in a variety of CU*BASE locations.

CU*Answers said its Next Suggested Product tool could be displayed as either a colorful graphic image or in a text message format. They said this feature is then linked to its Cross Sales Tracker system to instantly review and record any conversation with this member. They concluded by stating these interactive messages may appear according to their priority, with the capability of including a date for when a Next Suggested Product promotion may expire to prevent buildup of dated campaigns.