CU*Answers and CUATV a Hit!

CU*Answers announced that as part of its on-going Collaborative Marketing strategies for credit unions, the 100% Credit Union-owned CUSO partnered with Fulvew Productions to provide a series of videos. They said these videos may be previewed at  

CU*Answers said its series, of which nine videos exist currently, represents a unique offering that allows any credit union to quickly incorporate into their marketing efforts at a small fraction of the cost if developed independently. They added these videos are available to be custom tailored to include a credit union’s logo, web address, or even professional voice over as options. They said a goal was for the video to appear as though each were developed just for that credit union.

Additionally, CU*Answers said multiple credit unions are already utilizing these videos for a number of initiatives, such as linking to a credit union’s website, internal lobby monitors, television advertising, YouTube and more.

CU*Answers emphasized that its cooperative CUSO is committed to providing credit unions the tools necessary to better deliver their value-add message to existing/ potential members at an unmatched price point. For example, they said each video may be branded by Fulvew Productions to a specific credit union for as little as $350.00.

CU*Answers and Fulvew concluded by saying it’s difficult to beat the power of video when it comes to holding  a member’s attention while on a credit union’s website or entertained in a lobby. They said this video series allows credit unions to better connect with their members and to be even more recognized within their communities.