CU*Answers Adjusts Card Maintenance Processing

CU*Answers, a Grand Rapids-based provider of data processing and other solutions for credit unions, has recently announced an adjustment in processing ATM, Debit and Credit Card maintenance files.

According to the CUSO, variances between national ATM/Debit/Credit Card switches and improvements to card processing has resulted in many unique styles and sets of rules for switches.  In addition to different file specs required, each switch has its own specified cutoff time for receiving and processing of maintenance files.  For this reason, CU*Answers has announced to its clients that effective September 23rd, 2010, card maintenance will be collected and sent to the switches starting at 10pm EST.

The transition to a later transmission time should eliminate current conflicts with transmissions that are being sent during cutoff times, said CU*Answers.  The CUSO continued to say that this change may affect some credit unions, as card orders could possibly be processed a day later than they currently are.  Credit unions are advised to contact their switch to determine their processing times.

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